8 Apps That Reek Of Killer UI Design

8 Apps That Reek Of Killer UI Design

Thanks to some extraordinarily chic UI talent across the industry, almost every app has a pretty face. In other words, the design of new apps is simply phenomenal. The only problem is that the stores are popping apps by the thousands. And at Futran, we take app design very seriously. That’s why it just can’t be another pretty face. Everything from the icon and splash screen to the color consistency and navigation matters.

Small choices play a big role in app design trends. UI design plays on the visual senses of app users. We could argue that most of us are subjectively driven by visual aesthetics. But there’s no denying that some visuals are simply stunning while others are off-putting for just about anybody. That is why small and even micro-decision making about UI design elements like color schemes, etc. We’ll dive in to show you some of the best app designs we’ve seen.

Kitchen Stories

As a food app, you’re always scoring some brownie points for delicious food imagery. Kitchen Stories goes way above and beyond stock food imagery and dives deep into sumptuous gifs. Plus, there’s very less fluff if you want to experience the app first hand. All you need to do is log in with your email or Facebook account. Once in, you can start with the stories, community picks, what’s in store and a lot of other useful info.

Besides the design, there is also lots of other useful info for food enthusiasts. And it covers a lot of ground too – with lessons ranging from cutting tomatoes to sterilizing jars. Yes, there’s a wholesome bunch of recipes too. Nevertheless, Kitchen Stories is one of the best app designs we’ve seen so far.


The Roomframes app is available for iPhone users only. It helps its users remember the places they have visited. This includes the rooms where users have lived before and would like to add to their list of memorable visits. Yes, the app does have a bit of memo0ry-management to it as well.

The design of the app is focused on a bunch of frame interfaces that helps users add different hotels, places, new offices, workstations, etc. Users can further highlight their memories by adding details like photos, dates, and descriptions for each place so that they remember everything in an unforgettable manner. Roomframes scores special points for the pure white background that makes everything from text to the photos stand out.


Artsy is all about finding traction for artists, propelling them into the limelight before the global audience. Featured inside the app are the top museums, collections, galleries, and a striking collection of over 600,000 works that you can purchase.

The super collection of art pieces on the app itself might understate the value of the UI design. However, the app UI manages to stay neutral. This makes sure the maximum focus in on the art pieces and the creative heads behind them.


Listen is a prototype music app that is aimed for users across a variety of tastes in music. The app design interface is built to add a sense of pleasantness while listening to music. The clean look and navigation make it possible for people to locate and listen to their favorite songs from a number of channels.

The interface is supported by fresh new looks for a range of scenes like Radio, New, Theme, Wash, Drive, Sport, Meet, Work, etc. The customized interface also makes it possible for users to listen to different types of music based on their moods. Imperatively, the materialization of this design will result in a breathtaking music app.


Another social design app, Dribbble is for designers and creative artists alike. Thousands of creative minds from around the world share their works on this one integrated hub. While most regular users of Dribble use the website, the number of app users is rapidly growing as well.

The crisp and chic design of the app is all about supporting the work of designers. The Dribbble also has a very neat search engine. You can use the app’s built-in search engine to find new work and new artists. The app also acts like a forum where creatives comment on one another’s UI design work and seek inspiration for upcoming projects.


The Space app is a personal audio diary especially designed for those who like to keep their feelings to themselves. There are separate themes for mornings, evenings and nights based on which useful information like weather and traffic are displayed.

The illustration style of Space takes the cake any old day of the week. The sleek navigation allows users to manage their life events effectively. The deep blue and midnight shades perfectly contrast with pure white and grey backgrounds. The calendar uses bright lime colors to make important dates stand out. The voice diary with its intuitive wave movements is perhaps the most soothing part of the app UI design.


A lot of people like to learn new things every week. Most times, they do not find the scope or just do not know where to go. But learning should not depend on the ability to pay big money every time. Or to step out of your house. The Coursera app is the perfect companion for anyone with these constraints.

The design of Coursera is quite simple and smooth. You’ll feel like you’re browsing through a nicely mad syllabus. There are literally thousands of courses that’ll draw your interest – from iPhone photography to business management. Alongside these, there are also degree and certificate programs. To sum it up, Coursera is all the design that a design app should have.


Unless you are from the ‘we-live-under-the-rock’ community of uninvited aliens, you know Trello. In case you don’t, Trello is one of the finest productivity apps right beside Slack. It allows for seamless creation of boards in the to-do pipeline and you can simply move around (drag/drop) tasks to track new progress.

Now, designing the UI of a productivity app is not a cakewalk. At that, for a popular app like Trello with several thousand live users! The design is super-easy as it allows users to manage tasks on the go. This gives a lot of freedom to those who keep traveling for work. The icon placements and color schemes are of particular value for anyone who’s used Trello before on their computers.