Revolutionize Your Workplace With These 13 Simple Steps

Revolutionize Your Workplace With These 13 Simple Steps

We live in a constantly evolving world, searching for new ways to motivate ourselves to achieve more and improve the quality of our lives. It is ideal to find the right balance between work and personal lives to grow on both fronts and a well-designed, motivating workplace that makes employees feel at home, with a brisk environment and good interpersonal relationships plays a significant role in doing so. Your workplace is the cradle for all new ideas, innovations and creative inputs that can usher your work processes and overall productivity to its zenith and it is essential to pay attention to developing a congenial atmosphere for your teams to work. Here are a few simple ways by which you can revolutionize workplaces to further your success.

Interaction and Reiteration

Companies and enterprises often experience periods of a lull in between periods of continuous activity and intense work. It is necessary to maintain the morale of your teams during these lull periods and ensure they stay focused. Address your employees regularly and motivate them to work proactively by reiterating your objectives and goals to keep everyone on track and efficient. Customize your workplaces to design an open environment that motivates interaction among colleagues and superiors to ensure no gaps in communication or tension between them.  

Recreation Zones

Develop strong habits and activities that engage all your employees and organize stress-busting activities regularly to keep them relaxed and rested to focus better. Companies have shifted from conventional office spaces to employee-friendly spaces that have improved employee perception, reducing workspace related anxiety and stress. Office spaces with recreational zones like gaming zones, music areas etc. allow the employees to lay back after stressful assignments and take fun breaks in between their tasks. It also improves the morale of your teams and develops a sense of bonding and camaraderie between your teams. 

Acknowledge Performance

A healthy competitive spirit can go a long way in improving the performance of your employees and push them towards enhancing their efficiency. Recognize good performance from your employees and credit them for it to encourage their involvement and dedication. Many office spaces have various small rewards for their employees like the best employee award, Go that extra mile award, customer-friendly employee award etc. These awards are small incentives that help employees and superiors track their performances, helping them identify their shortcomings and working on improving them. 

Efficient Onboarding

The first impression is the best impression and it is essential to create an exciting experience for your employees as they join your team. Fresh employees are highly optimistic about joining new job positions and look forward to developing a good rapport with their colleagues and your workplace should be welcoming to them, allowing them to acclimatize better. Dedicate time and efforts to ingrain the values and objectives of your company and emphasize the value of their role in the enterprise. 

Career Growth and Professional Development

Focus on the holistic improvement of your employees and motivate them to chart out career plans for their growth. Most employees lack proper guidance and direction in ways to improve their careers and require intelligent mentorship by experienced professionals who can analyze their areas of strength and weaknesses. Your workplace should continuously evolve to incorporate new advancements in software and technology, encouraging employees to explore and learn more about them, helping them stay updated. 

Employee Health Benefits and Ergonomics

The physical and mental health of the employees plays a significant role in developing a good work atmosphere. Develop a health-friendly office space with features like ergonomically designed desks, wellness rooms for stretching or meditation, plants, adequate ventilation, natural lighting etc. to keep your employees active and healthy. Well-designed chairs and desk spaces help prevent strain accumulation in the neck and joints, ensuring the long-term health and safety of employees.


Colourful work environments boost the happiness and creativity of your employees as they define different zones of your workplace. Futuristic work environments with vibrant colour and illumination with a modular outlook increases the longevity of workspace investments. Intuitive concepts with abstract colour designs like quiet zones, collaboration zones, privacy pods etc., help employees of different attitudes and mindsets find their areas of comfort.

Sense of Security

Employees need to feel safe and secure in their office spaces to work without anxiety and stress. Protective surveillance systems with smart CCTV cameras tracking the entry and exit of people into your office and storage spaces helps protect your employees and assets. The incorporation of advanced security systems in your workplaces reduces the costs and manpower requirements for security purposes in the long run, with extra perks like temperature tracking, license-plate tracking in parking lots, nighttime surveillance etc. 

Flexibility and Freedom

Hierarchy based workspaces with rigid timings are slowly getting replaced by modern systems with flexible schedules that provide flexibility and freedom to the employees. Eliminate micromanagement by allowing employees to take responsibility for their tasks and assignments to be submitted within the deadlines. It improves transparency and trust between colleagues and superiors, crediting the progress of work done by the employees based on their quality and punctuality. 


Well-designed workplaces play a significant role in improving the efficiency and performance of your employees. Follow these simple steps to achieve harmony in your workplace as you progress towards your goals and objectives.

8 Most Underrated Skills That Will Take You to the Top in Jobs

Change is the only constant in our dynamic world progressing in leaps and bounds with advancements in science and technology. We need to constantly keep updating and improving our skill sets and knowledge to stay ahead of the ever-growing competition. Thousands of fresh graduates pass out every year, looking for interesting job opportunities to embark on their professional journey to success, worried about their lack of experience and skills. It is essential for young graduates and experienced professionals to persevere and develop new skills to reach the zenith of their potential. Here are a few underrated skills that will take you to the top in your career.

Lateral Thinking 

Lateral thinking and the ability to foresee various outcomes in important situations is a valuable asset for companies in all fields and sectors. Good knowledge regarding the various factors that influence the course of actions and the factors that can impact them allows you to take calculated risks and improve the chances of positive outcomes. History is often the best teacher in most ventures as it provides valuable insights regarding the nature of your fields and sectors improving your decision-making skills. Employees with out-of-the-box thinking skills are in high demand at companies as they help progress efficiently with their creative solutions and intelligent inputs. 

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is highly in demand in different fields and sectors with the growing trend of digital marketing and online shopping. It improves the visibility of online sites leading new potential clients to your website and thus your products and services. SEO involves a proper understanding of Web Crawlers like Google that collect information regarding various sites to display suitable results for people who search using them.  

It has grown to become a fundamental requirement to join digital marketing teams and involves improving the quality of content and its presentation to attract online searchers and improve visibility. Develop SEO skills to find interesting job opportunities in digital marketing teams and also in your ventures and businesses to improve reach and client base. 

Data Science

Data sciences are a rapidly growing field that has proved to be a lucrative opportunity for new graduates looking out for jobs. It involves the collection and analysis of vast amounts of data and making meaningful, valuable interpretations from it for the companies to benefit from. Data science requires basic knowledge of programming languages and its basics can be learned within a short period to land a job in the sector.

Online camps and offline institutions conduct data science classes for interested candidates to train them efficiently and empower them to handle jobs in this sector. It is of great application in most fields as it helps companies add value to customers and the services provided to them by allowing you to analyze the varying market trends and predict their requirements.

Content Management System Skills

Employees with a good knowledge of Content Management System Skills have various interesting job opportunities in the current scenario as they are often thought of as complex and hard to master. It involves a proper understanding of the content management systems and keen presentation skills to organize the content and display it efficiently. These skills have great applications in digital marketing, project management, analytics etc. and can provide a good start for people looking out at new career opportunities.

Digital Design

Proficiency in the design and development of interesting audiovisual content is also a valuable skill that has widespread applications in our digital world. Experience with applications for image editing and video making applications like Photoshop and Power director respectively make the candidates an interesting addition to digital marketing and advertising teams. Digital design requires an aesthetic approach to the projects and adequate knowledge regarding concepts colour matching, design elements, the ratio etc. to achieve suitable results in their work processes.

Business Communication

Business communication is an important skill that can greatly improve your efficiency in interacting with your clients and superiors. It helps you negotiate deals and terms efficiently ensuring profit and successful collaboration with your partners and clients keeping all involved parties happy. You can build strong, stable relationships with your clients and ensure transparency and trust with them. This skill has great application in sales and marketing teams and HR teams to improve communication with your clients and colleagues. 

Coding and Application Development

Coding and application development are popular skills that have provided great scope for graduates over some time. While it is not everyone’s cup of tea, a cursory knowledge of the area will prove to be extremely useful in most fields and sectors with the development of low-code or no-code platforms assisting application designers. You will be able to identify bugs in the front end or the back end of application architecture and contact your app developer in time to rectify them without having to waste a lot of time in the process.

Never Settle

A good social media presence and constant lookout for new job opportunities is an important attribute that will progress your career to interesting and lucrative areas. Develop strong relationships with others working in your community and further your social circle beyond your department or your company. It will also help you stay informed regarding the availability of new job opportunities that open up in top companies allowing you to apply for the same. 

Online job platforms also provide great assistance in this respect as they help you stay updated regarding the availability of job opportunities at different companies and enterprises for interesting job positions. Utilize them efficiently to capitalize on the wide range of opportunities that have come up with the rapid growth of companies. 


The journey to great success and achievements in your career is not an easy one and requires utmost dedication and continuous self-improvement. Pick up new skills that help you stay relevant in our dynamic work environments and evolve to become highly versatile and proficient in multiple skills. 

5 Ways You Can Reinvent Your Skills for Virtual Meetings Without Looking Like an Amateur

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impact on our lives, affecting all the fields and sectors of our lives like Education, Finance, Employment etc. setting us back a decade. Progress in science and technology have provided a helping hand for us, allowing us to resume our lives digitally without any inconveniences. Virtual meetings in online platforms like Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams have become a regular part of our work processes with meetings held regularly to track the progress and growth of employees towards their targets. It is necessary to revamp our skills to better suit the digital world and improve our efficiency to adapt to the changing trends. Here are a few ways by which you can reinvent your skills to meet the growing needs of the digital world.



The pandemic has ushered us to the digital age with the development of new applications and software platforms to allow employees to function efficiently and meet their targets. Planning and scheduling of activities happen in online platforms and content management systems that help in organizing and tracking them efficiently. Here are a few ways to reinvent your skills to suit the virtual world and meetings professionally. 


  • Upgrade Your Devices: 

Invest smartly in devices like laptops and smartphones to empower your skills and improve your work efficiently. Get familiar with using the devices and start collaborating with your colleagues on the digital workspaces to engage with them efficiently. Technical expertise with the devices often saves plenty of time in learning new applications and software platforms giving you an edge over the competition.


  • Interpersonal Communication:

Improve your conversational and communication skills with people on digital platforms to engage participants online. Various sectors like sales and marketing, finance, business, education etc. often require frequent meetings to continue efficiently. Good vocabulary and confidence while speaking often improves the quality of the presentations and allows you to produce a significant impact on the viewers. 


  • Applications and Software: 

Stay updated regarding the new applications and software that come up to simplify your work processes. Various application developers have focussed on making interesting and unique applications to allow easy collaboration of employees in digital environments. Content management systems and online modules help chart out activities in proper order to get the employees oriented towards the common goal for improvement. 


Applications like Teamviewer and Zoho Assist allow employees to access devices remotely and collaborate with their team members without inconveniences. Acquire adequate knowledge about these applications as you venture out to address virtual meetings to suggest and utilize innovative solutions to existing problems. 


  • Virtual Meeting Etiquette: 

Get familiar with the right etiquette to follow for virtual meetings and conferences to ensure smooth proceedings. Virtual meetings are new to many of us and we might not be aware of the exact etiquette to be followed in the meetings, which makes it essential for us to learn it and behave accordingly. Ensure you are properly dressed for the meetings with prior checking of the video and audio components in your devices. 


Modify the presentations to better suit the nature of the meetings and design it innovatively to keep the participants focussed on the meeting. Muting and unmuting audio components is a prime concern for most participants unfamiliar with the muting platforms as they often end up interrupting the speakers and participants due to background noises. Be punctual to the meetings and inform the participants about the starting time of the meetings well in advance of the meetings to ensure that time is not wasted in these events. 


  • Online Courses and Camps:

  • Various companies and enterprises have developed training camps and courses for their employees and teams to improve their knowledge and skillsets during the pandemic period. Join such camps and virtual conferences to boost up skills and improve your understanding of various technical and non-technical aspects of your work processes. They also give you a fair idea of the nature of advancements that are happening in your field and broaden your thinking and ideas regarding your field.



Continuous, dedicated efforts are required to stay ahead of the ever-growing competition in our goal-oriented world and the pandemic has spoiled the well-designed work environment we have constructed for ourselves. It is time to reconstruct our work processes and digitize them to ensure rebound to growth and economic stability. Explore the digital world and reach out to people through online meeting platforms to resume work and progress. Virtual meetings are a rapidly growing trend that will soon replace physical meetings due to the ease of conducting and participating in them.

Digital Transformation and the Cloud: What Lies Beyond Cost and Productivity?

Cloud computing has revolutionized the field of information technology for companies and organizations across different fields and sectors. It has attracted companies globally to initiate their digital transformation and discover the power of connectivity and cloud computing. Companies adapt to cloud computing and enjoy the various benefits offered by the resource as it provides them mobility and access like never before with decentralized storage systems with high security. Work from home and easy collaboration between employees have been made possible with seamless sharing of documents and data using cloud computing. Here are a few insights on the future of digital transformation and cloud computing and what lies in it for us.

Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation

Cloud computing has been a ray of hope for small and large businesses alike as it helps them handle huge loads of information and data without having to invest on physical data storage. It allows organizations to cut down on the workforce required to manage and store data allowing them to effectively redistribute their human resources to other areas of improvement. 

Digital transformation has become a necessary requisite for companies and organizations to sustain their growth and performance in the global markets. AI and machine learning have helped simplify work processes and boost their potential to handle more clients and provide services. Cloud computing has been the starting point for most companies as they expanded their reach to the digital world. 

Future Beyond Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation

The field of Information Technology has been constantly growing and evolving with time to suit the changing requirements of companies. Cloud computing has been no exception with new features upgraded to the online storage platforms that have enhanced their overall functionality and ease of use. 

The incorporation of advancements in areas of Intelligent Process Automation, Data sciences and new age application development such as low-code and no-code platforms for application development have enhanced the functionality of cloud computing. Robotic Process Automation for cloud applications is a rapidly growing trend that has brought about the development of cloud native applications designed to capitalize on all the features of cloud computing. 

Repetitive tasks and assignments can be automated on cloud architecture utilizing the widespread access to data and documentation to handle them without expending human resources. RPA is easily implemented for cloud platforms and it is also feasible to integrate the legacy applications and cloud versions of the RPA.

IT companies often play a great role in guiding the digital transformation of companies and organizations, smoothening their learning curve and getting them accustomed to it. Futran Solutions, one of the leading providers of cloud-based solutions, has assisted in the digital transformation of a number of companies in various sectors such as banking, finance, healthcare, insurance etc. Advanced tools facilitating new age application development are incorporated in the software solutions offered by Futran Solutions empowering its clients to develop customized applications of their own. 

Benefits of Cloud computing & Its Advancements

Cloud computing and the advanced tools associated with them offer a wide range of features and benefits for the users. Here are a few insights about the advantages offered by cloud computing: 

  • Reduced Cost: The transformation from on-site storage of data and documentation to cloud based storage has drastically decreased expenditure for data storage and organization. Cloud computing facilitates hassle free storage and organization of data with universal access on internet connected devices.

  • Advanced Security: Cloud computing protects data stored in the platforms with highly secure gateways allowing clients to store and organize their data efficiently. Sensitive information of valuable clients can be confidently saved in the cloud platforms and multiple backups of data are stored in them preventing accidental loss of vital information due to any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Improved Productivity: Cloud computing with RPA significantly improves the productivity of companies and organizations by automating repetitive tasks allowing faster processing of data and better usage of human resources. It allows for companies to quickly adapt to the market changes and save time by improving communication and transparency between employees facilitating better collaboration. 


Cloud computing with its advancements has gained great traction amidst small scale and large-scale companies allowing them to boost their potential and performance. Assistance from IT companies like Futran Solutions can help organizations identify their key requirements and provide tailored solutions for them with the appropriate tools cutting down on costs and expenditure. Begin your digital transformation with cloud computing and explore the diverse tools present in cloud platforms that can help improve your work processes and facilitate wider reach for your enterprise. Adapt to cloud platforms and empower your organizations to better adapt to the market changes and solve any issues with your work processes as and when they arise.

Top 10 Industries Driving Significant ROI Growth With Digital Marketing

As a business, you need to make a ton of decisions each day. Whether you have knowledge of it or not, digital marketing (or in the least, rudimentary search engine algorithms) influences many of these decisions.

Like any top search engine optimization company would suggest, digital marketing in industries is converting a significant measure ROI in 2019.

Statistics suggest that over 90% of consumers trust word of mouth on digital media and search engine rankings over most other forms of advertisements. Besides, digital marketing lets people channelize their campaigns, build lasting relationships, reach the right audience and optimize their own online branding.

Digital Marketing and the Modern Industry

In the Industry 4.0 (and whatever comes after it), the reliance on conventional marketing will alleviate even further. As we keep seeing it, digital marketing and online advertising are going to dominate a lot of marketing in the coming years as well. A Smart Insights review suggests that over 80% of industries have a well-charted procedure for implementing digital marketing in their business model.

The real question is are industries driving any noticeable ROI changes through digital marketing. The numbers definitely sway toward the affirmative. Most industries are seeing an incoming average of $8 for every $1 spent on digital marketing. However, some industries show a remarkably higher ROI than other industries. Here are some of the top industries generating high ROI through digital marketing.


In its essence, everything that a company executes from networking through the web to client interfacing constitutes digital marketing. It naturally follows that the marketing industry is more than capable of putting to use the digital network of the target audiences and some potential buyers too. It is noteworthy how all this happens within a digital framework.

Different digital marketing techniques offer numerous opportunities for the marketing industries to reap profits. Like most people know, video advertising has been one of the most striking types of networking content. As it turns out, over 60% of advertisers are vehemently using video marketing.


This might come as a surprise for many. But the law industry is making use of digital marketing services to achieve some remarkable success. A Greentarget State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey, 25% of all American law firms have an organized content marketing plan in place.

Most law offices are now emerging blogging hubs as well. That is partly because of the reason that law experts are extremely effective communicators who make a living out of conveying the right messages. They are also extremely skilled at breaking down law into smaller bits and clarifying difficult clauses in common language.

Indeed, a lot of customers that law firms pick are from an incoming stream of curious visitors who seek answers to legal questions. So even when they are not converting with huge amounts of money, the ROI is significantly higher given that most law firms use conventional search engine optimization.


If you were to rank three industries generating maximum ROI through digital marketing, the retail industry would definitely finish in the top rung. The big fishes in retail understandably have expansive digital marketing mechanisms in place. But the fascinating development we’ve observed is how there’s been is plenty of breathing space for a lot of smaller companies as well.

If you’re a retailer dealing in an in-demand and yet micro-niche product, digital marketing is definitely for you. The common thread among all these retailers is the fact that all of them tend to settle customer complaints way before they seem to snowball out of proportion.


How many times have you or someone you know looked up online resources to find information about health conditions? Most of us look at online medicine portals to find essential information. A 2013 Pew Research Center study shows that 77% of web users tend to check for online solutions for health problems.

There’s no denying that specialists are still a very important part of the healthcare equation. But the truth is they have been replaced by the internet when it comes to primary healthcare information seeking. This is one of the prime reasons why digital marketing is so critical for medical professionals.

To start off, we are looking at decent medical websites coupled with online networking. Alongside, simple infographics and informative articles add all the more valuable to a website, helping medical professionals acquire more patients.

Training & Education

Perhaps the biggest low-budget profit reaper of digital marketing is the education and training industry. An online medium like Facebook now enables educators, students, and institutions interact directly with one another. Honestly, this very idea was unimaginable in the pre-social media days. In particular, schools and universities have gone above and beyond in the application of digital media for promotion.

Most colleges and universities use social media platforms to call attention to ongoing campus events. Others use it to drive international student admission campaigns, which is extremely profitable for universities. Then, there are promotions for new education modules and awareness for a range of social issues.

Sample this for a digital marketing fact: one in two educational institutions use digital marketing to raise funds for events.


The automobile industry has historically been dependent on marketing. Given their extensive budgets, automobile companies have used everything from magazine ads to TV commercials and radio shows to newspaper promotions to promote their sizzlers. Recently, (creative!) digital marketing has been one of the most emphatic modes of digital marketing for the automobile industry.

Digital marketing is also saving the automobile industry thousands of marketing dollars compared to conventional marketing. It is like reaching more creatively to the same set of core buyers spending less than half the money. From 2016 till now, automobile digital marketing budget has gone up by at least 35%.

The best thing that’s unfolded for automobile marketers through digital marketing is that they can reach a targeted demographic audience. This is made possible owing to the personal interest collection mechanism available through various digital marketing tools.


All of us adore food of some kind. That is why the restaurant and food industry is increasingly making use of digital channels. Food marketers are telling people how they can get their favorite food at the best possible rates. Imperatively, the marketing campaigns are filled with picture-loaded sumptuousness.

Food marketing on digital media really builds on the emotional connection that people have with food. The outcomes are also noteworthy because people at large feel that the digital marketing industries actually care about the eating preferences of their customers. 

The best thing if you are a restaurant owner is that you can quickly construct a food campaign with positive results.


Gossip, trailers, teasers, fan theories and a whole lot of spice-laden speculation – the social media gives the entertainment industry every kind of kick it needs. The best thing is that the production house needs to simply get the ball rolling and fans and content lovers go the rest by themselves.

Digital channels are also helpful when marketers want to plant new ideas in the heads of their followers. All of the resulting figures are neatly tracked with analytics. If needed, campaigns are returned depending on whether they need to reach other demographic groups.

Real Estate

The real estate industry never tires down. And it’s growing even larger. This is because the rural-to-urban influx of population continues to rise further up. Brokers, agents, specialists, property dealers, and engineers explore a range of digital marketing channels to present their properties to their prospects.

In most locations across the world, digital marketing seems to be more profitable for real estate marketers than traditional marketing. It started mostly with estate marketers advertising their properties on Facebook. Facebook continues to be an extremely feasible mode of marketing for internet marketers.


As more and more people are shopping for fashion online, digital marketing becomes of great value for online retailers. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are fairly rapid about the speed with which they promote stuff online. So within a few seconds, new fashion trends can go out to thousands of viewers.

Smart fashion marketers are also great at using top-of-the-line for marketing campaigns. Plus, they repeat their campaigns across a range of marketing channels to create ample resonance and recall value.

Digital marketing is one of the top game changers when it comes to connecting customers to top brands. Digital marketing also helps you measure and optimize the performance of your marketing campaigns. We could safely project that more industries will reap the benefits of digital marketing going forward from here.

Futran Solutions specializes in delivering composite digital marketing solutions for small and medium enterprises. As applications of digital marketing in business keep evolving, so do the resources that shoulder these needs within an organization. Speak to a Futran Digital Marketing specialist today. Find out how we help you achieve your business and marketing objectives. 

10 Growth-Critical Digital Marketing Tactics For 2019

10 Growth-Critical Digital Marketing Tactics For 2019

Every marketer would tell you digital marketing in 2019 will ride on the back of new tools and technologies. And why not? We now have more tools than ever before to capitalize on new opportunities to become successful. And savvy digital marketers are always open to learning new technologies throughout the year.

To help you extract maximum juice off your digital marketing efforts in 2019, here are 10 absolutely growth-critical digital marketing trends and tactics in 2019.

1. Use Native Content on Social Media

No website wants to leak traffic to other places. And social media websites are no different. That is why they are inadvertently wired to be partial toward native content on their own mediums. All social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat get paid more when they show you more ads.

You jump from Site A to B. There’s no guarantee you’ll come back and scroll down Site A from the point you left. But as a marketer you want your social media audience to become traffic on your site. That is where you have more control and chance to convert traffic into leads and visitors. Finding the right balance between native social media content and website traffic funneling is the key here.

Here are ways to start with native content marketing:

  • Boost some of your well-performing existing native posts
  • Post native content for your main social media channels
  • Make decisive use of groups and communities within social platforms

2. Explore Newer Content Mediums

Web visitors have both conventional and unconventional preferences when it comes to choosing their sources of information. This tendency has given birth to more content mediums than humanity can wrap its head around. This can easily give rise to analysis paralysis when you are deciding which medium you choose to market with and which one you want to avoid.

It’s imperative for digital marketers to expand their reach by adding new platforms to their content strategy. A wise way to do is survey current customers on where they spend most of their time and expand publishing to those specific channels and platforms.

3. Identify Micro Audiences and Feed Them Appropriate Content

Content consumption has changed phenomenally within the last decade. We now have multiple TVs, and web-based entertainment like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. Then, there’s Facebook Watch and Instagram Stories. Within Instagram itself, we now have IGTV, the mood of which could be significantly different from your regular Instagram stories.

As a result of this immense segregation, audiences are becoming smaller by the day. However, they are also becoming more focused and their interests are clearer than ever. This change should reflect in oyr marketing strategy as well.

Content now needs to be tailored and segregated based on the medium of publishing. You really need to focus on the “where” and “how much” of it. It’s best to create weekly content that your focused consumer bases expect and enjoy. For the start:

  • Find out which micro-audience is the best for your business
  • Create and publish regular content especially geared toward your micro-audience
  • Remodel your existing content to be in tune with your micro-audience

4. Reorder Your Website

Consider this fact: there will 3 million more blog posts tomorrow than there are today.

That is a lot of content going to the web every day. With that, the basics of search optimization including factors like keyword research and metadata still remain important. However, the real juice is in the value that the content brings to users. That is why Google looks at so many other factors when deciding the relevance of articles and websites as a whole.

  • External ranking factors: Every company will call itself the best on its own website. So search engines cannot decide on that based on what the company website does or says. A lot of things are decided by the number of ranked pages, the number of shares on social profiles and external backlinks going back to the site.
  • Domain authority: Domain authority is a numerical value between 1 and 100 that tells how your website will likely rank in search engine result pages.
  • Site organization and internal factors: A neat organization of the website helps search engines understand the content structure better. Factors like sitemap, internal links, and content pillars go a long way in establishing website credibility before search engines.

5. Heed to Reviews and Feedback

Nothing is more important than data in the business world. But it’s a shame that a lot of companies stop collecting some vital data in the form of reviews by customers. Reviews do not just influence Google, but also give you vital feedback about your customers and your own business.

In this regard, you need to be more forthcoming. Ask your customers how they would rate you on scale of 1 to 10. Look beyond Google and Facebook reviews and ask for user opinions on your own websites and apps.

Start by finding out which review system is the best for your company and the type of audience you are reaching out to. Next, make a plan to reach out to your customers consistently asking for specific feedback on products and services.

6. Stay Transparent

The internet has everything that you want to hide from your users. And yet, the overwhelming proportion of companies work as hard as they can to keep secrets from their customers. The fact is against those companies on this: one if not every other competitor is already posting information on pricing, expectation and process on their websites. Customers are more likely to choose companies that are transparent with their marketing process.

Think about this as a consumer. We have been used to finding instant information on pricing, consumer photos and reviews on products. You do not want to make it difficult for your consumers to find this information.

7. Consider a New Growth-Based Design Plan

Most companies do a complete revamp of their websites every couple of years. But much of that is being driven by more focused, growth-driven strategies and methodologies. Such redesigns are more agile and sprint-like in nature.

This augurs well for digital marketing for a couple of reasons. One, it gives you the chance to showcase your most upgraded offerings to your customers. Then, search engines favor websites that are updated regularly. The best thing is that you can constantly keep testing what is working for your website and what is not. Here’s a few ways to start growing your design game:

  • Try out your competitor’s design strategy
  • Vet against the industry best practices for website design
  • Choose one area that you need to complete redesign and add a refreshing look to it
  • Have your website audited by a professional design company

8. Make Use of Chatbots

Much of your website communication can be automated with the help of chatbots. Customers want to hear from websites within a minute of shooting the first message. Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence help you connect with your users the moment they are connected with you.

You do not need to hire a development agency to make your website a chatbot. Unless, of course, you are making the next Alexa or Google Home. Use one of the existing services like Hubspot to get your hands on a basic chatbot service.

9. Allocate More to Video Marketing

Videos are the most easily digestible media on the web. They tell your brand’s story like anything else can. Customers are also known to trust companies that show them a video about the company’s culture upfront.

Unfortunately, multiple companies still feel that videos add unnecessary strain on marketing budgets. However, all digital marketers already know that video marketing is no more an expensive and exhaustive procedure. With the right team and ideas, you can attract from visits and leads to your website.

Irrespective of your video budget in 2018, you should look to increase it in 2019. If your marketing has been free of videos so far, this should be the best year to get started.

10. Get More Out of Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook is not just about making a post or two once in a week. Most pages have lost organic reach between 1% and 2% in 2018. Nevertheless, Facebook marketing is still the most sought after social media marketing tactic there is.

  • Lead Ads: With a new form, Facebook now allows you to funnel leads within Facebook itself without the need to leave Facebook at all. It’s more of an integrated form that makes use of information that is already stored on a user’s Facebook profile.
  • Videos: Both Live Video and Facebook Watch are now important parts of Facebook marketing strategy. A live video works great if your brand is participating in something that your consumers find interesting. Facebook Watch is Facebook’s latest reply to YouTube, which gives you the idea about how it should be used.

Facebook Messenger: Facebook has close to a million and a half active users. That is too big a base of users to ignore. And the good thing is not many brands are making the most of Facebook Messenger at the moment.