How Do We Measure and Prioritize Customer Satisfaction at Futran?

Customer Satisfaction

When the customer comes first, there they last- is the philosophy Futran lives and works by. Measuring and prioritizing customer satisfaction is crucial to running any successful business, and Futran is no exception. At Futran, we take customer satisfaction very seriously and have implemented various methods to measure and prioritize it effectively.

Here is what we do to measure how our customers feel about our services and prioritize them:

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

One of the primary ways we measure customer satisfaction is through customer satisfaction surveys. These surveys allow us to gather valuable customer feedback, enabling us to understand their needs, preferences, and areas where we can improve. By analysing the survey responses, we can identify specific areas that require attention and work towards enhancing our products and services accordingly. 


We don’t just stop here. We develop action plans based on the feedback received and continuously work on improving the customer experience. Our team regularly reviews and updates our customer satisfaction measurement methods to ensure it remains relevant. 

Repeat Customers

Furthermore, one of the significant indicators of customer satisfaction at Futran is our high percentage of repeat customers. We are proud that 93% of our customers are part of our repeat customer base. This speaks volumes about the level of satisfaction they have experienced with our products and services. Their continuing to choose Futran over other options demonstrates their trust in us and validates our commitment to delivering exceptional quality. 

Complaints Monitoring

Another measure of customer satisfaction is the number of tickets or escalations we receive from clients. At Futran, we strive to minimize customer complaints and issues. By closely monitoring the number of tickets or escalations, we can accurately gauge customer satisfaction. The lower the number of such incidents, the higher the satisfaction levels among our customers. 

Round-the-clock Customer Service

To prioritize customer satisfaction at Futran, we have a dedicated customer support team that works 365 days, 24*7, to ensure timely resolution of any issues or concerns our customers raise. By providing prompt assistance and addressing their needs effectively, we aim to exceed their expectations and leave them satisfied with their interactions with us. 

Tailor-made Solutions

When prioritizing a customer, it is essential to understand his needs and challenges, so we research market trends and customer business. We project their business needs in advance and propose solutions to help them in the long run.

Futran is a very customer-centric organization, and we provide tailor-made solutions that ideally fit customer needs. This fosters trust and instils a sense of reliability among our clientele.  


Every business aims to satisfy its customers to ensure long-term partnership and business growth. Let’s accept that all the solutions may not be ideal as businesses, processes, requirements, and technology keep evolving. But our exuberant customer service, commitment to customer success, and going the extra mile for customer happiness make Futran the ideal technology partner for our clients.  

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