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Improve Customer Complaint process (Call Center Automation) for Case Management

Business Requirements:


Automate the customer call requests for the complaints related to medical device malfunction used at the clinics, hospitals, and for personal use which are used in various therapeutic areas.

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Decrease the workload of the customer executives and improve customer satisfaction.

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Reduce the average response time to resolve customer complaints as the functioning of the medical devices is time-critical.

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Implement unattended automation to prevent longer time-consuming business decisions.

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The manual work for verification, assigning, and resolving is a time-consuming process and to resolve the complaints takes around 10-15 days.

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Once the complaint is received by the customer executive, the Customer Executive logs the medical device and customer details in the track-wise application, and the executive performs manual verification by verifying the details from an in-house application and after verifying the executive assigns the complaint to the respective teams.

Scope of Services:


Implemented Proof of Value to better understand the anticipated value for the solution
provided will bring to the client’s business so the client can justify the adoption and measure


Automated the workflow using unattended automation to resolve customer complaints
within 10-15 mins.


Developed various bots to process customer complaints by extracting the medical device
information from in-house applications and update the status of customer complaints in
track-wise applications.


Integrated the bots with business rules for running the bots without human intervention.


Implemented Real-time operational Insights for constantly monitoring the efficiency and
effectiveness of the digital workforce Robots.


Executed unattended bots using BAT files and VBScripts in managed PCoIP settings
to keep the session alive


Worked with APIs for attended bots for the customer complaints required human
intervention for business decisions by using swagger in AA, Power Automate Switch
in order to trigger attended bots.

Solution Highlights:


Implementing unattended automation has reduced the workload of customer executives
by almost 80%.


100% Automation has been achieved for the manual work done by customer executives.


Achieved a 0% error rate in automating the process workflow.


Reduced the processing time for each customer complaint request generated
by the customers.


Improving VIP savings with ROI results with the least manual labor resulted in
a budget increase.


  1. Achieved 99% accuracy for implementing Unattended Automation.
  2. Reduced Customer Executive Workload by 80%.
  3. Performance increased by 30x.
  4. Improved Customer satisfaction by resolving customer complaints on an
    average time of 10 -15 mins.
  5. Reduce the average efficiency time to respond to customer complaints.

Technology Environment:

Automation Anywhere