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Improve and Streamline Customer Correspondence processes

Business Requirements:

Correspondence processes1

Identify the various customer support processes for automation to reduce the manual hours spent, decrease error rates and improve customer satisfaction.

Correspondence processes2

Embed Robotic Process Automation into the current IT Architecture for existing processes and streamline labor-intensive, manual efforts.

Correspondence processes6

Retrieve the customer requests and segregate the requests to various departments such as Network and Technology, Customer and Product Operations, and Payments Team.

Correspondence processes4

Establish governance and control for each process automation Bot by using SLA’s.

Correspondence processes5

Assess the customer experience impact based on business rules and repetitive tasks to target efficiency and experience.

Correspondence processes3

Implement Bot Insights for each and every process for Process analytics.

Scope of Services:


Implemented Proof of concept by selecting one of the B2B process(i.e., Customer
Information Change Request). Created a working robot by using Automation Anywhere
and automated the process within 3 weeks by reducing the time consumption and error rate.


Analyzed various Customer support processes where Automation is suitable based on
several factors such as repetitiveness of tasks, rules-based, input types, 24*7 processing,
Error Rate, Volume of requests generated.


Implemented Work Load Management for customer and product operations and payments
processes as the volume of requests was way beyond for a single Robot to handle.


Introduced various new technologies for automation such as OCR, Citrix, Machine
Learning and etc to automate the processes without any human intervention required
for the unstructured inputs and for the files where data extraction was not feasible.


Created Robots for processes using Excel automation, PDF automation, Database
automation, use of Rest API’s for third party requests, Web Automation and Citrix Automation.


Implemented Real-time operational Insights for constantly monitoring the efficiency
and effectiveness of the digital workforce Robots.


Created Attended and Unattended Robots for the processes based on the complexity
of business rules.

Project Related Issues:


Automated more than 75% of the Customer Correspondence Processes.


Implemented RPA has resulted in a decline in processing errors.


Implemented RPA to reduced the manual labor hours and eliminated extra manual
hours spent which lead to cost savings.


Introduced Workload management has improved customer satisfaction levels.


Developed Robots to reduce the processing time of customer requests.


Centralized the use case design and development and standardized the measure of
Return on Investment which helped in business transformation goals.


  1. Reduce Teams Workload by 50%.
  2. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction levels.
  3. Performance increased by 10x.
  4. Robots developed for each process average time was 3 weeks.
  5. ROI Maximization.
  6. 100% Accuracy in Payment processing and customer requests.
  7. Reduce the average efficiency time to respond to customer requests.

Technology Environment:


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