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Salesforce Accelerator: A Simple Solution for the Entire Claims Process

Business Requirements:

Correspondence processes1

Client had a robust solution tor insurance carriers to connect with their customers

Correspondence processes1

With many clients using Salesforce for sales and service of their customers; the client was looking for a salesforce accelerator for their solution

Correspondence processes1

Was asked to develop a solutions that would seamlessly work with their solution and also a very configurable and flexible solution that be integrated in Salesforce for various customers

Futran Solution


Studied the existing solution and various scenarios and configuration that could be possible in Salesforce


Created and Managed and un-managed package that can be easily configure as per customers set-up


Extensive use of web-hooks for in-bound and out bound communication between Salesforce and existing client solution


Customized chat, message template, Survey features for the adjudicators


Capability to download messages/media/documents as part of case management requirements.


  1. Robust and flexible salesforce solution to enable additional revenue generation
    and client acquisition/retention
  2. Omni-channel capability for the solution for various client needs
  3. Enhanced capability in Salesforce to seamlessly service customer
    and collect feedback


Web Hook

Salesforce Capabilities -Admin, Apex, Triggers, Alerts

Lightning Components