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Salesforce Cloud for a Chemical Client

Business Requirements:

Correspondence processes1

Create a platform to track customer service activity which was previously done using fax, email, and phone

Correspondence processes2

To provide a way to share order information with the supply chain to ensure timely delivery of raw materials

Correspondence processes1

Check the feasibility of Salesforce and then deploy salesforce across the organization and serve over 2,000 users in sales and customer service organizations

Correspondence processes2

Integrate the application with customer, vendor and materials data across 2,500 potential users companywide

Scope of Services:


Design Custom tabs and customized Web links to overcome inefficiencies in the sales process


Improved customer monitoring and handling capabilities.

Project Related Issues:


Futran Solution’s provided solutions to improve customer service and improve customer relationship


Futran Solutions successfully Improved service accessibility for customers


  1. Improved mechanisms for capturing customer feedback
  2. Improved service turn-around-times
  3. Streamlined and automated workflows

Technology Environment: