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Solving the challenges on DuckCreek capabilities

Duck Creek Formation ‘22

Date: March 6-8, 2022 
Venue: Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, FL 


Proven solution for Duck Creek projects

Insurance companies are facing a lack of manpower to achieve results and they continue to invest heavily in large-scale transformations and the adoption of DuckCreek’s on-demand solutions is growing rapidly.

As a client-centric and data-driven company, our experts have developed a unique, industry-first model for Duck Creek customers, called Train and Transfer,  that allows them to build a strong ‘Duck creek’ workforce by maximizing the potential of their resources as well as onboarding a highly trained and experienced fresh talent.  

With our ‘Train and Transfer’ offering, we seek to resolve following challenges:  

  1. Overdependence on third party system integrators 

  2. Lack of Insurance domain knowledge
  3. Lack of clarity on requirements 

Futran Solutions as a “Digital Insourcing Partner” provides innovative models to the future workforce of Duck Creek technologies on demand, and helps you leapfrog the digital curve ahead of the competition. 

Meet us to see how we can help you save project implementation costs and shorten delivery times  with our innovative insurance-leading methodology. 

Now is a great time for us to collaborate! 

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