Futran’s vision is to be the ‘Best Insourcing Partner’ for insurers and help them build in-house competency in the insurance domain and Duck Creek Technologies by seeding in the best talent and bringing in proven accelerators. Futran specializes in business analysis, front-ends, integration and data solutions.
Futran has developed ‘Make IT EZ’ framework for simplifying implementation and testing processes, and has invested in developing accelerators such as EzApp, EzBot and EzAPIs
with a set of reusable components. Using its experience in the insurance domain, Futran has developed add-on engagement solutions such as quick quote, claims FNOL and underwriting approval management.

Our Offerings

Process Digitization

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API Integration

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Advanced Analytics

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Case Study:
Data-lake Implementation for better data correlation and managed services with robust control policies, real-time security auditing and compliance

1. Simplified data analysis to draw actionable insights
2. Zero downtime & scalable solutions to handle unpredictable traffic volumes
3. Automated data exception checks and correction mechanism
4. Secure - Data isolation by the client, Secure file transfer

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Case Study:
Automation of end-to-end claims processing and bots were deployed to conduct all policy audits & perform endorsements for a property and casualty insurance company.

1. Decrease in processing time
2. Reduction in audits
3. Cost savings upto 35%
4. More accuracy

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Futran’s Make IT EZ Framework

EzBot - Claims FNOL Notification

EZApp - Underwriting Approval


  • Specialized in talent as a service for Duck Creek implementation, with a focus on business analysis, integration and data/analytics
  • Strong business analysis practice with expertise on commercial, personal and specialty lines of businesses
  • Headquartered in New Jersey, USA with an offshore delivery center in Hyderabad, India


  • 30% faster time to market with reusable components and built-in Duck Creek API integrations
  • 20-40% Improvement in operational efficiency with ready bots spanning across submission, underwriting, billing and claims processes
  • Add-on solutions offering differentiated experience to stakeholders


  • Expertise in P&C domain with business analysts
  • Experience with multiple P&C insurers in North America
  • ‘Make it Ez’ framework for Duck Creek implementation cuts timelines while maximizing value by leveraging pre-built accelerators such as EzApp, EzBot and EzAPI