Amazon EC2 for Windows Server

Transform your Windows server experience with Amazon EC2.

Modernize Microsoft Workloads on AWS with Futran Solutions


Why Futran Solutions?

Futran Solutions take pride in our strong partnership with AWS, enabling us to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you harness the full potential of AWS and Windows Server, ensuring seamless integration and optimized performance. With a deep understanding of AWS architecture and best practices, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and requirements. Whether you’re looking to migrate your applications, optimize performance, or implement cost-effective solutions, Futran Solutions has the expertise to guide you every step of the way. Trust us to empower your business with cutting-edge technologies on the AWS cloud. 

Transform Your Business with AWS

Migrating Microsoft-based applications to AWS native and purpose-built services enables you to capture the efficiency and productivity benefits of cloud native architecture, while reducing total cost of ownership and eliminating challenges that come with supporting and purchasing license-based operating systems and databases. Whether you are running Windows, Active Directory, .NET, or SQL Server workloads, AWS provides programs, tools, and services to meet you where you are and accelerate your modernization journey.  


Accelerate Innovation and Improve Performance

Leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate digital transformation, optimize current licenses, and automate operations. As you modernize Windows workloads with AWS, take advantage of the AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA) to evaluate your Windows environment to reduce costs and maximize compute consumption. Utilize purpose-built services with the latest innovations to rapidly automate your Windows workloads and improve performance.

Modernize Windows workloads, unlock digital transformation

Discover the benefits of modernizing your organization’s Windows workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Access the full capability of the cloud when you modernize your applications, data, and infrastructure. 

With AWS, you benefit from

Purpose-build databases to power your modern architectures

Access to 200+ security, compliance, and governance services and key features

Performance on par with commercial databases, at 1/10th the cost


Higher reliability and performance

AWS has the broadest global infrastructure with 77 Availability Zones (AZ) across 24 regions and 99.99% availability for each Amazon EC2 region. By moving your Windows workloads to AWS, customers can realize a 98% reduction in unplanned downtime, 71% faster deployment, and 26% higher developer productivity, per IDC. 


Greater security and identity services

AWS offers 230 security, compliance, and governance services and features, 5x more services than the next largest cloud provider. With the AWS Nitro System, the underlying platform for EC2 instances, virtualization functions are offloaded to dedicated hardware and software resulting in a minimized attack surface.  

More migration experience

AWS has unmatched experience helping millions of organizations reach their migration goals faster through unique tools and services. With AWS Database Migration Service, we’ve migrated over 230,000 databases and we can help you quickly and securely migrate, while minimizing downtime to applications.  

Migrating Microsoft Workloads to AWS

As digital transformation accelerates across nearly every industry, customers are increasingly demanding new digital interactions, services, and products. If organizations are unable to provide this, they risk losing customers to more digitally advanced competitors. Being able to remain competitive, drive innovation, and accelerate digital transformation have been key drivers for many SMB customers that have migrated their Microsoft workloads to the cloud.  

Run your Microsoft workloads on AWS

 AWS has over a decade of experience running Microsoft workloads on the cloud and offers a scalable and secure infrastructure for its customers. Migrating your Windows-based applications to AWS gives you access to a broad selection of services with deep functionality while lowering the costs of running your Microsoft workloads. Transform your Microsoft workloads to achieve

By migrating your Microsoft workloads to AWS, your organization can quickly adapt to changing market trends and evolving customers needs while consistently delivering a personalized experience that can help fuel sustained business growth. 

Transform your Microsoft workloads to achieve

Increased application reliability with globally dispersed Availability Zones

Flexible licensing to fit your business needs

More time to focus on innovation and creation

Benefits of Migrating Microsoft Workloads to AWS

There are many advantages to cloud migration for SMB customers. A recent whitepaper by IDC shows that migrating your workloads to AWS can lead to 51% reduced operational costs, 62% increased IT staff productivity, and 94% reductions in downtime. 


Optimize Costs and Drive Greater Performance


Simplify Your Migration Journey

To remain competitive during a time of economic uncertainty, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) must find a way to reduce costs while increasing the performance, availability, and security of their Microsoft workloads. By migrating Microsoft workloads to AWS, SMB customers can optimize costs and improve the agility, flexibility, and scalability of their Microsoft workloads. Once migrated, SMB customers can then innovate more easily and further modernize their applications to realize continued cost savings. 

Futran Solutions offer expertise, guidance, and a range of value-added services. We will guide you in migration, taking the time to understand your business goals and drivers, identifying the opportunities available with AWS cloud technology, and helping you capitalize on the benefits. AWS offers a fast and cost-effective option for migrating Microsoft workloads to the cloud through the AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA) program. 

Reduced TCO and increased business value

Greater reliability and performance

Enhanced security capabilities

Leverage AWS for Microsoft Workloads


Enhanced security capabilities

AWS offers 230 security, compliance, and governance services and features. AWS supports 90 security standards and compliance certifications, so SMB customers gain better protection and control over their data.  


Greater licensing flexibility

With its flexible bring-your-own-license-to-AWS options, SMB customers can enjoy more flexibility, control, and visibility of their license usage and costs.  


Simpler and more secure migration

AWS has unmatched experience, maturity, reliability, security, and performance that you can depend upon for your most important applications. AWS takes the complexity and risk out of migrating so SMB customers can continue to focus on improving their business and remain competitive.  

projected 5-year ROI when you run Windows on AWS9
Price/performance advantage vs. next largest cloud providers
more regions with multiple availability zones vs. next largest cloud provider.

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

Move to Managed Cloud Storage

For organizations looking to accelerate the cloud adoption process, a re-host or “lift-and-shift” migration approach can provide a fast on-ramp to cloud modernization on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Leveraging fully managed cloud file storage with Amazon FSx can enable your organization to take advantage of the agility and cost savings of the cloud, empowering you to innovate more rapidly and build more quickly for the future. 

Optimize the Cost of SQL Server Workloads

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server is a fully managed Windows-native file system that provides the compatibility, administrative features, and performance required for business-critical Windows workloads. Many customers run SQL Server workloads on AWS because AWS offers higher performance and reliability, greater security and identity services, more migration support, and flexible licensing options. Leveraging Amazon FSx multi-AZ-based file systems enables you to optimize licensing cost for your high availability deployments.  

Migrate Your Storage for Windows-based Workloads to AWS Moving File-based

Amazon FSx for AWS provides a flexible, powerful, and reliable infrastructure for your Microsoft workloads. Deploying Microsoft workloads on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) enables you to increase or decrease capacity within minutes. By leveraging AWS Partners to migrate your Microsoft workloads to AWS, you can commission many server instances simultaneously, with greater reliability across globally dispersed Availability Zones. Windows File Server provides a fully managed Windows-native file system, delivering the compatibility, features, and performance needed to run business-critical workloads in the cloud. 

Lift and shift Windows Workloads Without Refactoring

Windows workloads to the cloud can be complex and costly. A lift-and-shift approach with AWS can speed up business agility and productivity, fueling digital innovation for the future. Amazon FSx for Windows File Server can help simplify your Windows file-based workload migration with native windows compatibility for:   

  • SMB protocol
  • Windows NTFS
  • Microsoft Active Directory (AD)

Windows file sharing made easy

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server provides reliable and scalable file storage that is accessible over the industry-standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. It delivers a wide range of administrative features such as user quotas, end-user file restores, and Microsoft Active Directory (AD) integration. With Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, you can leverage the rich feature sets and fast performance of commercially licensed Windows file systems. 

The AWS advantage for Windows

For more than 10 years
customers have trusted AWS for their Microsoft Windows workloads
Greater reliability 2X
more Regions with multiple Availability Zones
Increased security 5X
more services offering encryption
Higher performance 2X
higher performance than next SQL Server provider

Accelerate Productivity for Windows Workloads

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server helps increase productivity with operational and cost-saving solution. It is a fully managed file storage service that is specifically designed for Windows-based workloads.  

Reduce Complexity with Migrating Application Workloads

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server automatically handles the data replication and failover, simplifying shared storage to host your database deployments while helping you improve time-to-market and reduce complexity and costs. 

Fully managed by using AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, or AWS SDK

Sets up and provisions file servers

Installs software updates & patches

Performs durable daily backups

No upfront fees or minimum commitments

Take the first step towards leveraging the power of AWS EC2.

Take the first step towards leveraging the power of AWS EC2.