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Microsoft Power Platform Services

Transform Your Organization with Microsoft Power Platform Services

Unlock the potential of your organization with Futran’s Microsoft Power Platform Services. Our cost-effective apps, process automation solutions, and business intelligence tools are designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and provide valuable insights. With a focus on advanced automation and tailored solutions, Futran empowers businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals. 

Why Choose Microsoft Power Platform Services?

cost effective

Cost-Effective Solutions

Power Platform services offer a low-cost entry point, delivering tangible results and productivity gains for your organization. 


Customized to Your Needs

Our solutions are custom designed to support the unique way your organization works, ensuring a seamless fit with your processes. 


Productivity and Efficiency

Boost efficiency, elevate customer service, and enhance business intelligence through Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate.

Power Platform Services Suite

data visuzl

Power BI: Visualize & Understand Your Data

Move beyond raw numbers and gain insightful business intelligence with Power BI. Our experts can help you create visually engaging reports to better understand your organization’s progress and make informed decisions. 

tailored operations

Power Apps: Tailored To Your Operations

Streamline operational tasks with easy-to-use, low-code Power Apps. Our expert guidance will help you identify areas for improvement, and our development team will craft custom apps to enhance efficiency. 

Power Pages: Web Solutions for Engagement

Extend the functionality of Power Apps to custom websites and portals with Power Pages. Improve reporting, build secure customer service areas, or create bespoke e-commerce solutions at a lower cost than traditional methods. 

automatic process

Power Automate: Automatic Processes

Automate workflow processes between Microsoft and third-party applications with Power Automate. Our specialists identify areas for automation and design bespoke solutions to streamline your organization’s processes. 

Benefits of Microsoft Power Platform

Manage all aspects of your business operations from a single platform

Allows for seamless device switching

No Coding experience is necessary

Less reliance on technologies from outside sources

Straightforward integration with current Microsoft tools

Expanding Business System Functionality

Combine Power Platform applications with other Microsoft products and third-party applications for maximum business potential. Integration with solutions like Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and third-party software enhances collaboration and ensures a seamless flow of data and processes. 

Explore More Microsoft Capabilities

Look into broader capabilities of Microsoft services, such as Azure Cloud Services and Dynamics 365 that further enhance your organization’s efficiency and operations. 

Expert Power Platform Services Partner

Futran is a seasoned Microsoft Power Platform Service provider in the USAs Microsoft partners, we specialize in delivering professional digital transformation solutions. Our Power Platform services can drive new efficiencies and insights into your operations. 

Contact Us to discuss our Microsoft Power Platform services, arrange a demo, or speak to a Power Platform consultant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of tools, including Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agent, facilitating no-code to low-code app development and process automation for seamless integration with various software applications. 

Power Automate is a cloud-based service that makes it practical and simple for line-of-business users to build workflows that automate time-consuming business tasks and processes across applications and services. 

Explore Microsoft Services by us! Connect with us for more information.

Explore Microsoft Services by us! Connect with us for more information.