5 Reasons To Choose No-Code Platforms For App Development In 2021

The growth of science and technology has propelled our transition to digital landscapes, keeping us on our toes as we struggle to keep ourselves updated on the latest advancements and innovations in different fields and sectors. Smartphones have transformed from luxury commodities to bare necessities to survive and function efficiently in a highly competitive environment. Mobile applications have simplified life for us, bringing the world within our grasp, providing us unfettered access to a wide variety of services and products. 


The growing demand for mobile applications has made it a lucrative area for growth and expansion and digital companies are investing to tap its potential. The development of No-code platforms for designing mobile applications has enabled companies around the world to work on developing mobile applications without having to employ professional coders who charge exorbitant prices for their services. 


Here are a few reasons that make No-code platforms the ideal medium for application development in 2021:


Fast Turnaround Time

No-code platforms improve the work efficiency of your design teams and allow them to deliver high-quality products within a reduced time frame, attracting new assignments and clients. The incorporation of no-code platforms provides users with a drag-and-drop model allowing them freely explore the software and design intelligent applications of high quality and standards. It allows for design teams to work with multiple projects at the same time without having to write every line of the code to make the application. 


Use of Internal Resources

The use of No-code platforms eliminates the need for hiring professional coders to work with your teams and design mobile applications. The advent of Rapid Mobile Application Development platforms has enabled companies and organizations across various fields and sectors such as Finance, Banking, Healthcare etc.  to design their applications without external assistance and develop customized applications for their use. The ease of use and freedom offered by the no-code platforms makes it preferable to collaborating with professional coders.


Adaptability and Ease of Use

The use of no-code platforms allows application designers to make modifications and changes with their applications without having to change much unlike coded platforms where even minor changes like the application will require many changes in the coding of the application. No-code platforms allow for streamlined application development processes and help clear backlogs, proving to be beneficial for companies in a state of constant flux and changes. Designers can make changes in the applications at different levels of the interfaces without having to worry about potential bugs in the application.


No-code platforms improve the scalability of financial institutions as they can use previous versions of the software to build on and improve the functionality of the software. The mobility offered by the application and access from different devices with internet connections proves highly beneficial for customers on travel. 



The use of No-code platforms reduces the time involved in the development of the applications and cuts down on the expenditure of time and resources for the same. Cloud-based software applications eliminate the need for servers and maintenance, allowing companies to gain access to the services without spending much for them. This allows companies to re-route their expenditure to other areas of requirement, improving the overall productivity and value of the company.


Lower Risk and High Return of Investments

Low risk and High Return of Investments (ROI) make no-code platforms the ideal solutions meeting the needs of growing companies and organizations. The reduced cost of owning the software ensures the return of investment within shorter periods. Any failure in the application will also not affect the company significantly as there are not many resources invested in making the application when compared to conventionally coded applications.


Various companies such as Futran Solutions offer stable no-code development platforms for companies to capitalize on and develop customized applications for their needs. Their client-centric, agile platform coupled with the robust API development wing make for a formidable combination that can help your design the best application for your company. Companies in the financial, banking, healthcare and life sciences sectors can begin their transition to no-code platforms under the able guidance of such efficient platforms assisting them through their digital journey. 



No-code platforms have been displayed a plethora of advantages over conventional platforms with the flexibility and freedom they offer, greatly boosting their demand. Companies are looking out for efficient partners to initiate the digital transition and get their employees trained and accustomed to no-code platforms for designing applications for their companies. No-code platforms do have a few inherent disadvantages but the huge number of advantages associated with them make them preferable to conventional systems. Get on board with Futran Solutions and explore the world of No-code platforms to design high-quality applications for your companies at optimal prices.



Seven Striking Insights Into What App Development In 2019 Looks Like

Seven Striking Insights Into What App Development In 2019 Looks Like

App development went from “what-a-fad” to “ignore-me-if-you-can” before a lot of businesses could count the eggs in the basket. This has brought us to a stage where every business that can function digitally has the potential to reach their customers through a mobile app.
In 2019, mobile screens are bigger with a never-before screen-to-body ratio. Naturally, app developers and UI artists have the chance to make their app experiences all the more immersive. Like with every other piece of hot tech, app development will jog around a set of distinguishable trends. Here’s a roundup on all that’ll be happening in app dev in 2019.

AI Drives Development

Artificial Intelligence is powering a bunch of powerful technologies. An increasing number of organizations are using these technologies in their respective development periods. What we really need is a set of easy-going tools that are as friendly for developers as they are for data scientists.
A Gartner survey points out that by 2022, 4 of every 10 application development engineers will have expertise in Artificial Intelligence. If this is any indication to go by, it is high time developers revved up their game and added AI to their skill set.

Consumer Expenditure Goes Up

App stores have been around for several years now. And customers are now way more confident about spending money on app stores. Multiple reports by independent organizations have pointed out that earnings in app stores the end of 2019 could range anywhere between $120 billion and $150 billion.
If these reports come out to be even half-true, the app store consumer trend will actually grow five times faster than the global economy. Imperatively, a lot of this growth will be fueled by the rapid rise of online gaming apps.

Blockchain Integration Becomes Even More Popular

As a technology, blockchain has immense potential to change the security metric in every industrial landscape. It does so largely by democratizing trust, promoting never-before transparency, and cutting down friction to a bare minimum across several different business ecosystems.
Most CIOs are have begun realizing the immense potential of the blockchain technology just about now. That is enough to suggest that 2019 will be a great year for technology. Pilot starters like Walmart and Maersk are already looking at moving beyond the test projects and deploying blockchain into their core competencies.

Heightened Mobile Gaming Experiences

With the advent of community-based games like Fortnite and PUBG, mobile gaming reached unprecedented highs in 2018. This year would be even bigger with the top games receiving brow-beating competition from a long line of earnest developers.
The mobile gaming experience is also getting more immersive by the day with larger mobile displays. Expanding scree-to-body ratios give users a larger playing area. As already stated, addictive mobile games will constitute of the lion’s share of app store earnings, mostly through in-game purchases.

More Videos on Mobile

On average, we watch videos for 10 out of every 60 minutes. That’s a lot of time compared to how it used to be not more than five years back. will continue to be the dominant choice for most people streaming videos on mobile.
The cool thing is that traditional short video apps like YouTube will not be alone in the battle. Social sharing apps like Tik Tok and others will also have an overbearing influence on videos.

Stronger Digital Ethics and Privacy Compliances

Data privacy and ethical standards are coming out as prime concerns for stakeholders across the board. This includes individuals, organizations as well as governments. As it is, the digital ecosystem is dynamic and evolving rapidly.
As the environment gets highly charged and looks vulnerable, there will be a higher focus on risk reduction and compliance. GDPR has definitely shown the doors to superior data privacy and ethical standards. Several states in the US and planning on similar data privacy standards and regulations of their own.

Minimally Immersive User Experience

The technological evolution is unfolding right in front of us. The fine lines between the physical and the digital world do not exist anymore. Minimally immersive user interfaces are now rising to the fore. Leading the way are conversational platforms that rely on minimally immersive interfaces to bring about a paradigm shift in the UI landscape.
Futran Solutions specializes in delivering composite app development, testing, and deployment. As applications of app development in business is evolving, so are the resources that shoulder these needs within an organization. Speak to a Futran App Development specialist today. Find out how we help you achieve your business and marketing objectives.